• A kick-off at the facilities of the IPL at the Universitat de València was conducted on January 28th, 2013, and some skype meetings followed in 2014 for further coordination. See agenda here.


    • We have jointly organized a special session entitled as the project, “Learning Image Features to Encode Visual Information” Organizers: Jesús Malo, Javier Portilla, and Joan Serra-Sagristà, at one of the most relevant international conferences: the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). See details in


    • Visits of UV member Dr. Laparra to UAB center to start activities in tasks related to image coding with kernel feature extraction and new explicit manifold learning techniques. The short visit started the work that we jointly submitted to ICIP2014.


    • The project PI G. Camps-Valls visited UAB center as professor in a UAB’s master and for coordination with UAB’s team.


    • Communication between all the researchers via email/skype/phone. Several online meetings were held during 2014 via skype and Google hangouts, for coordination and discussing topics in joint ongoing works.

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